Manage your curly hair!!

Note: This post is by Sasha Desai. Curly-hair care taker extraordinaire!

curly hair problems

Aha, we are going to tell you our way of fixing those amazing curls!

This post is for curly girls so if you have straight hair, this post will probably be useless to you.

Curly girls go through a special kind of war with their hair. It’s a bit like Pandora’s box. But fear not, fellow CGs! I come bearing the long lost ingredient. Hope.

Curly hair, dog, cute, thebeachbums

He is cute! Curly hair and all!

Curly hair will always require a little extra help from time to time but at the same time its versatile. So don’t worry, girls. I’ll post a lot of hairstyle ideas, damage control tips and basically tell you how to tame that mane.  For my first post, I’ll walk you through my hair routine.

Firstly, I oil my hair at least 45 minutes before I wash it.  I used to use a combination of Almond hair oil and a few drops of tea tree oil. I have a dandruff problem and this potion used to keep the flaking under control. But recently I’ve switched to virgin coconut oil. Pay special attention to the virgin part. This has been working wonders on my dandruff so far. I really believe that oils are the best way to keep your hair moisturized and healthy. Especially curly hair as it needs a lot of moisture.

While I’m in the shower I make sure to wash my hair with a small blob of shampoo, about the size of a Re.1 coin.  I shampoo only my scalp while vigorously rubbing with my hands and I wash it off quickly.  I don’t like to use a lot of shampoo because I need at least a little residue of the oil to stay in my hair. It keeps it from frizzing up. I live in a very humid climate and short of using a bucket full of hair products, this is the best way.

I use a lot of conditioner on my hair and I make sure to leave it in for about three minutes. While the conditioner is in, I untangle my hair very carefully with a wide toothed comb, working from the ends, upward.

Next I wash everything off and scrunch my hair to get out most of the water. I wrap it in a towel while I get dressed.

I usually let it air-dry but if I’m in a hurry my routine changes drastically. I put in quite a bit of product (mousse or leave -in conditioner) while my hair is still wet and I dry it with a hairdryer that has a diffuser attachment.

That’s it. My hair is set for the next three or four days. I don’t recommend washing curly hair often as it gets rid of the precious scalp oils that give curls definition. 🙂


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