Lush-ously soft skin

If a bar of soap and a bottle of shower gel had a steamy affair, this would be the resulting jelly, baby


Beauty Score: 7

In England its customary to have ice cream and jelly on a birthday. So on Lush’s tenth birthday in ’05, they released a selection of Shower Jellies. It’s basically wobbly, jiggly soap. Bathing with it is a lot like bathing with Flubber. But that’s what makes It so much fun!

Lush- Shower Jelly

Wobbly Goo 🙂

When I first tried it, I was mystified. I didn’t know whether I should scoop out a little or use the whole thing. I also wondered how I could use this jiggly thing as soap  And whether the strong smell would last. It is a baffling product, indeed.

There are two ways to use Shower Jelly. You can either scoop out a little while wearing exfoliating gloves or you can pull out the entire contents of the tub and use it like regular soap. Either way, when you step out of that shower, your skin will smell delicious. The scent is long lasting too. AND you can use the jelly on your hair!


So here are the Pros and Cons.


Shower Entertainment 

Softens skin

Scent stays on for hours after 

Has glitter. ‘Nuff said. 


It can get annoying. The jelly is slippery stuff

It melts easily

Lathers poorly

Rs.390 for 100gm. Rs.770 for 240gm. Expensive soap eh?

We give it a beauty score of Seven out of Ten.  I’d definitely gift this on a birthday!


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