DIY workout!

Okay people!

Summers just around the corner…the question is what are we doing about it????

I’m pretty sure all you pretty ladies wanna show off your curves this summer! (I know I do!). I’ve been working out religiously day in and day out, pushing my body (trust me it aint easy!) doing my aerobics and toning exercises. Just takes 30 mins and 10 more to do the toning exercise. I’m gonna share the video I follow- super fast cardio aerobics workout that i came across to help you tone your entire body and burn the access fat. And a couple of toning exercises and you can finally buy yourself that sexy bikini you’ve bin dying to try on!!! All you need is some space and a good pair of shoes! Turn on your fav dance music and burn it up!! (my personal recommendations check out my Youtube – Aerobics Mix i keep updating it every now and the  )

Its gonna be hard the first couple of days but the second you see your clothes gettin loose or the ones that didnt fit you start fitting you perfectly; you’re never giving up exercising! Keep changing the music or the videos to keep it interesting or you can ask your friends to join u!  Its gonna be a workout party!

FYI this does not mean you can eat all the calories you want! Try and substitute the junk with some dry fruits /juices/ fruits and salads and dont forget to keep yourself hydrated! My friend always said keep a day in the week where you can indulge all you want! You can totally do that without giving up your cravings, but remember you gotta work out harder the next day 😉

This has definitely been working for me for the past two months I can finally feel my ass and abs gettin all toned up! Feels so gooooood! I can see those sexy curves I’ve been dying to show off. Gonna Keep you guys updated on my progress! (PICTURES YES!!!)

And I wanna know how its going for you guys! keep me posted!

So all the Beachbums out there, get your bums moving!!! Give it all you can and you wont regret a bit!

And here’s the link to the video I promised!

Denise Austin: Ultimate Fat Burn Workout –